Bioderma Atoderm Gentle Shower Gel for Dry/sensitive Skin 1 Litre



  • High tolerance
  • foaming cleansing gel
  • soap-free
  • preservative-free
  • for dry skin.

High tolerance, foaming cleansing gel, soap-free, preservative-free, for dry
skin. Method of action: À With its moisturizing ingredients, Atoderm Gel
douche softens and protects the skin. À Soothing, reduces feelings of
tightness. The physiological pH respects the cutaneous balance. À The
delicately scented, soft, rich foam, in a naturally bluish tint (no colorants)
procures a moment of well-being. À Atoderm Gel douche rinses off completely.
Suitable for children and adults. Directions: À Apply Atoderm Gel douche to
pre-moistened skin. À Work up lather then rinse generously. À Dry gently to
avoid damaging the skin. Properties: Perfumed formula Soap-free, colorant-
free, hypoallergenic. Size: 1 Litre Pump Bottle.

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