Bioderma White Objective Active cream Lightening day care anti-brown spots



  • Lightening day care anti-brown spots that respects sensitive skins.

À White Objective Active Fluid with patented W.O. complex, clears, evens and
enhances the complexion. It helps to eliminate brown spots and prevents their
reappearance. White Objective Active Fluid is specially formulated to respect
the most sensitive skins. À Vitamin C, released gradually for long-term
effectiveness, cuts down the number of melanin pigments in the epidermis,
reducing existing hyperpigmentation and helping prevent future pigmentation. À
BIODERMA innovation, the patented W.O. works on the main mechanisms that
cause skin pigmentation. The original nature of this multi-target attack
ensures optimum lightening and preventive performance. À The anti-UVA-UVB
filters protect the skin against the sun˪s rays to help prevent any new
pigmentation. À The White Objective Active Fluid has a pleasant, light texture
that is completely invisible after application. Make-up can be applied
afterwards. The skin is lighter, even and luminous. À White Objective Active
Fluid guarantees excellent tolerance. Properties Fragrance-free formula. Non-
comedogenic, hypoallergenic. 30 ml tube

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