Booty Parlor Flirty Little Secret Firming Body Bronzer with Pheromones (4.5oz/135ml)



  • Delivers just the right amount of color and shimmer to hide imperfections and makes you skin look sexy and seductive in your bikini, lingerie or little black dress
  • Contains UGL Complex: a natural exfoliating agent that resurfaces the skin, increasing firmness and hydration, Biobustyl: a biotechnological agent that stimulates collagen synthesis, firming and toning skin and Tritosol XM: a powerful wheat protein that produces an immediate tightening effect
  • Alluring jasmine fragrance and Pheromones - Booty Parlor's proprietary pheromone blend is designed to make you feel more attractive to the opposite sex
  • Paraben and Lanolin free
  • Designed, Filled & Formulated in the USA

You’re a vixen. You’re a temptress. You’re a bronze goddess who gets all the
attention. What’s your Flirty Little Secret? Flirty Little Secret Firming
Bronzer with Pheromones is the ultimate sexy triple threat body product. The
gorgeous shimmering bronzer smooths onto your skin like liquid gold, taking
your natural skin-tone up just the right amount, while subtle shimmer imparts
a healthy glow to your skin. It’s the perfect formula for seductively bronzed,
lingerie and bikini ready skin. Meanwhile, three active firming ingredients,
Bio Bustyl, Tritosol XM and UGL Complex are infused to tighten, tone and
improve the appearance of sagging skin. The subtle and sexy jasmine fragrance
will inspire your desire, but what makes Flirty Little Secret Firming Bronzer
extra special is it’s sexy secret weapon – a powerful pheromone blend designed
to make you feel irresistible to the opposite sex! Does not include sunscreen
and is not a sunless tanner. Massage into your curves for 20-30 seconds and
then allow to dry and absorb.

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