Booty Parlor Naughty Bubbles Bubble Bath (8.4oz/250ml)



  • Tiny, pearlescent "shimmer beads" leave the body with a sexy sheen.
  • Shatter-proof plastic bottle makes it safe and sexy for the bath.
  • Creates lots of suds for a sexy soak!
  • Paraben and Lanolin free
  • Designed, Filled & Formulated in the USA

The tub becomes a backdrop for a sensual escape with Booty Parlor˪s sudsy,
tuberose-scented bubble bath. Soak in the intoxicating white tuberose scent
while you luxuriate in the outrageously rich bubbles. Perfect for a day (or
night) of pampering, these sexy suds soothe your skin, while the pearlescent
shimmer beads and glycerin keep your skin glistening and leave your body with
a sexy glow, ready for what the night has in store. What happens next is
entirely up to youÀ Pour a generous capful of Naughty Bubbles into hot,
running water. Surround your tub with candles and sink into a sumptuous soak.

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