Dr Fedor Bunion Aid Splint, 1pack



  • DME Direct only- Authentic product: Factory-direct from authorized distributor. Our price guarantee: Genuine item; not a knock-off or cheap imitation.
  • The most advanced design on the market for improving the alignment of your great toe. Corrects the mal-positioning of the big toe at rest and while walking.
  • Straightens your great toe with three points of stress design.
  • Can be worn in almost any type of shoe.
  • Fits both the right and left sides. One size fits all.

The Bunion Aid is the first product to deliver the level of correction necessary to maintain alignment AND walk while feeling pain relief. The unique pivoting joint allows normal movement of your great toe while the brace bars exert three points of force necessary to realign your great toe correctly. The Bunion Aid is comfortable to wear and fits inside any type of shoe. Its sleek low profile design does not use any bulky wraps making it perfect for dress shoes with a small toe box. Use it during the day or while sleeping at night - the Bunion Aid splint is the leading product for both types of situations. Patients appreciate the amount of padding in the design necessary for all day comfort. For many podiatrists, the Bunion Aid splint represents the product of choice following surgery, as well as, for preventing scar tissue formation after surgical correction.

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