Bunion Relief Pack by Lemon Hero - 2 Premium Gel Bunion Pads with Big Toe Sep...



  • ARE YOUR BUNIONS AGONY? Our bunion splints are made from a soft deliciously comfortable gel. They provide separation as well as protection from rubbing, which is essential for most bunion sufferers.
  • ✔ KEEP THOSE TOES SEPARATED: A soft comfortable toe guard or separator insert will keep your toes apart and prevent the pain of friction as you walk
  • ✔ PREVENT RUBBING ON YOUR SHOES: A soft padded shield provides a barrier between your big toe and shoe, helping to relieve the pain of walking
  • ✔ EASY: The Set is Easy to use, lightweight, portable, easy to clean. Great to use daily and and at night and to take with you everywhere in case you need it.Feels great to put it on!
  • Acts as a straightener, Acts as a straightener, corrector, protector separator.

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