CLIO Salon De Cara WP Back Comb - Mascara Remover 0.3 Ounce Black

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  • Volume : Mascara - 0.3 Ounce / Remover - 0.3 Ounce / Period after opening : Mascara - 6 months / Remover - 12 months
  • Volumized Lashes / Long-lasting Mascara / Lash Care / Non-smudge
  • Country of Origin : South Korea
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Size:0.3 Ounce  |  Color:Black [Item Feature] Salon de Cara WP 1. Extreme
waterproof fixing! - Black Gel Fix Polymer : Flexible and thixotropic color
gel fixing polymer forms a coating film on eyelashes, provides a powerful
waterproof fixing effect for long-lasting curls, and effectively prevents
smudging or flaking. 2. Salon-oriented lash glue ring system - Fiber
Connecting Effect : Lightweight hollow shaped aerocapsule, black fibers for
dark and rich eyelashes and 4mm long fibers attached on top of each other to
provide a long-lash effect without bending. 3. Salon, the through long and
curl setting of a back comb brush - High intensity nylon bristles tightly lift
up eyelashes and fix curls though the air between brushes! - (Short Brush)
Thoroughly applies from the roots! Creates a C curl / (Long Brush) Tightly
lifts up! Sets though the air between long bristles! 4. Salon Lash Care,
Premium lash treatment - Argan Oil Botanical oil extracted from the nuts of
Argan trees in Morocco. Contains vitamin E, which prevents cellular oxidation,
at least 2.5 times more than olive oil. With superior moisturizing effect and
excellent structure enhancement of damaged hair. -Ceramide A natural component
of the skin surface and hair cuticles. Plays an important role in keeping skin
and hair moisture. Prevents moisture from evaporating, and protects skin from
extreme damage Salon de Cara WP Exclusive Remover 1. Powerful waterproof
cleansing - Perfectly removes waterproof mascara without leaving any residue!
2. Salon Lash Care - Contains the primary component of hair treatment,
ceramide and argan oil, providing an eyelash treatment just like of a hair
salon3. Salon Spiral Brush - An easy to use curved brush that adjusts to eye
shapes and eyelashes structures. Enables through cleansing with even
application on entire eyelashes