Rene Furterer Vitalfan Sudden and Temporary Hair Loss 3x30=90Capsules (3 months)



  • Stress, tiredness, seasonal changes, diets, can influence the life cycle of the hair in a reactive and occasional way. Furterer Vitalfan Reaction Anti Hair Loss 3 x 30 Capsules is a food supplement to maintain strength and vitality.
  • It acts on the vascular and nutritional factors allowing the intake of the needed elements for the synthesis of proteins such as the keratin, main component of the hair. It contains cystine, plant actives and: - vitamin B8 or biotin and zinc that enhance the metabolism of macronutrients such as keratin, - vitamin E and selenium, with antioxidant action, that contribute to the protection of cells against of oxidative damages.
  • 1 capsules during the meal, during 3 months.
  • Indication: Reduce reaction hair loss

Dietary supplement formulated to treat temporary thinning hair.  Just one capsule a day on an ongoing basis results in thicker and  healthier hair.

30 Capsules

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