Uriage Hysac K18 40ml



  • Oily skin.
  • Blocked, dilated pores.
  • Face.

Properties Hysac K18 is a Keratoregulator, and unclogs pores effectively to reduce the appearance of new blemishes, thanks to a very well tolerated AHA (18%)-BHA complex. The liquorice extract it contains helps to limit excess sebum, which is the source of new blemishes. The skin is left smoother and stays matte for longer, while complexion radiance is restored. This light emulsion is moisturising and non oily. Its effectiveness has been proven on skin prone to acne. Assets Fast and powerful action: tightens and unblocks pores. Remarkable tolerance. Results Significant reduction in retentional acne, proven in a clinical study under dermatological supervision. Refined skin texture. More luminous complexion. Clear and smooth skin. Instructions for use Apply once or twice a day to perfectly cleansed (with Hysac Cleansing Gel) and dry skin. Avoid contact with eyes. During sun exposure, use Hysac SPF50+ or SPF30 Fluid.

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