Lapin Lab Bunny Tail



  • Visible scientifically proven results on fine lines and facial wrinkles
  • Eliminates eczema and dry skin on the lips and hands
  • Works great on acne scars, enlarged pores, and even scars and stretch marks
  • Tones the skin without overdrying like other retinoid products - works great on sensitive skin
  • Excellent anti-aging product! No harsh ingredients like many other retinol products!

This product is the most similar product to Avibon on the market today. A313 boast 200,000 i.u. of synthetic vitamin A in an aluminum tube (to protect freshness) really packs a punch to aged skin. Works great on wrinkles, sensitive skin, enlarged pores, etc. great to use with a dermaroller only use this product at night because of the photosensitivity of the vitamin A. Use a small amount and warm in hands before applying You can mix this product with your favorite night serums or treatments 50g tube

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