Bioderma Crealine (Sensibio) H2o Ultra-mild Non-rinse Face and Eyes Cleanser 250 ml



  • Soothing and emolliant, thanks to cucumber extract.
  • Non detergent, non foaming, neutral pH.
  • Soap free.
  • Make-up remover and cleansing solution.

Size:250ml / 8.33 Fl Oz A cleansing and make-up removing
water that respects the fragility of sensitive skin thanks to its non-
aggressive formula.Micelles act like magnets and remove all impurites from the
skin leaving it clean and soothed. 1 BIODERMA has acquired unique expertise by
placing biology at the service of dermatology. This original scientific
approach relies first and foremost on the skin's knowledge and its biological
mechanisms to formulate its products.

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