Ducray ANACAPS Tri-Activ 30 CAPSULES for Hair Loss Treatment/Brittle Nails (1 Month Treatment)



  • Devitalised Hair Thinning, Hair-Loss, Brittle Nails
  • Brings Back Strength and Vitality
  • Made in France

Ducray Dermatological Laboratories ANACAPS Tri-Activ is formulated for devitalised hair thinning, hair loss and brittle nails. It brings to the hair bulb and the nail matrix the essential nutrients needed to find their original strength and vitality, increases the resistance and supports their growth. The vitamin complex activates the cellular metabolism of hair and reinforces its structure. The extracts of soya (GMO free) stimulates hair growth (direct action at the level of the hair follicle) and preserve them from premature ageing (anti-radicals action). 3 months treatment is advised. As a supplement to this product for your hair we recommend Ducray's ANAPHASE shampoo.

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