Ducray Neoptide Anti-hair Loss Lotion 3x30ml



  • Chronic Hair Loss (Women)
  • Stimulates the hair growth phase, Works directly on hair follicle
  • Light texture, penetrates easily
  • Made in France

Ducray Neoptide Anti-Hair Loss Treatment is specially designed to curb female
chronic hair loss. It stimulates hair growth through its formula with
Tetrapeptid + Neoruscine + Nicotinamid + GP4G. Description Neoptide hair loss
lotion works directly on the hair follicle to stimulate the anagen phase (hair
growth phase). The amino acids concentration promotes the proliferation of the
hair's growth phase. Chronic hair loss is inhibited. Moreover, through
cutaneous micro circulation, the entire hair shaft is stimulated; this results
an increased hair lenght. Neoptide restarts and stimulates growth. All of hair
is thus stimulated, hair loss slows down and hair mass is boosted. Light
texture, penetrates easily, does not make hair fatty. Indication Chronic hair
loss. Daily Use. Do not use on a damaged skin, avoid contact with eyes.
Directions Spray 12 times once a day, preferably in the evening, throughout
dry scalp. Massage until absorbed. Do not rinse. Avoid to wash your hair, it
is recommended to leave it on at least 2 hours. Use in 3 months treatment (1
bottle per month). Size 3 bottles x 30 Ml

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