Ducray SQUANORM Anti-Dandruff Shampoo with Zinc 200 ml (Dandruff, Itching, Redness of the Scalp)



  • Dandruff Treatment with Zinc
  • Treats Itchings and Redness of the Scalp
  • Men/Women
  • Made in France

The anti-dandruff lotion Ducray Squanorm relieves itchiness due to dandruff and purifies the scalp. Dandruff can often be recurring problems as it is caused by several factors. When used with or as a follow up treatment to anti druff shampoos, squanorm zinc lotion helps to eliminate dandrurff thanks to its original active ingredient, Keluamid, which breaks down dry and oily dandruff flakes. The lotion's other active ingredient, Zinc Sulphate, offers relief from itchiness and reduces redness of the scalp. When used regularly, Squanorm anti-dandruff lotion purifies the scalp, relieves itchiness, and reduces redness. Does not make hair greasy.

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