Elancyl Cellu Slim 7 Fl. Oz. (200 Ml).



  • Elancyl Cellu Slim
  • 200ml

Elancyl Cellu Slim Anti-Rebel cellulote is a slimming care which visibly acts on stubborn cellulite by targanding all types of fat.- It activates and enhances the elimination of fat by the unique combination of Cecropia + Caffeine. Its action "cutting-fat" promotes the degradation of all types of fat, even the most resistant (macro-fat) for overactive efficiency.The extract of apple branch and pepper extract removes the fats, destock them and limits their reappearance.- It strengthens and beautifies the skin with ivy, natural active ingredient, which strengthens skin elasticity and firmness. It effectively stimulates the synthesis of elastin fibers and collagen and protects their flexibility. It accompanies drainage and helps to release the tissues from excess water.The result is visible in 7 days, cellulite is visibly smoothed and the silhouandte is refined.Your skin is smoother, more toned and elastic.

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