Elancyl Cellu-Slim Anti-Cellulite Intensive Slimming Night 250 Ml



  • Innovative, slimming care that fights stubborn cellulite installed in the thighs, hips and buttocks
  • Specially developed for performance night, when the body is at rest, favoring storage of fats, possess a clinically proven efficacy and reduction of cellulite smoothing from 14 nights.

Visible results from 14 nights: visible smoothening of the cellulite nodules, slimmer silhouette and firm skin hydrated and smooth. Cellu Slim has a deliciously velvety texture and a floral aroma and effervescent evoking pleasure and sensory stimulation. Directions for use Apply exclusively at night through the Elancyl massage, to promote the anti-cellulite action. For most obvious results and sustained, associate with the careful Elancyl Cellu Slim Day.

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