Gifrer Barbezat Liniment 250ml



  • The Oleo Gifrer Liniment limestone carefully stabilized ensures hygiene and protection of baby's bottom.
  • It is effective for superficial burns, irritation and skin dryness. Baby skin care with a protective film to preserve its rich texture buttocks redness.

Natural, no preservatives or perfume. Shake before use. Apply to areas to be treated using a cotton or gauze. This is one of the first gems I got to discover when we first moved to France. They call it Liniment but I call it Miracle Bottle! Its something you get in every French pharmacy and I heard even nurses in hospitals use it to clean babies bottoms! It really helps with any kind of rashes! Also, Tilas skin normally isnt dry but the dry air that comes with cold winters gets even to her. And you know when you put the foundation and/or powder on your face and awful dry and flaky patches pop out? No? Lucky you! Thats soo me each and every winter! Yuck, I know! But I solved this problem with the Liniment too! So what is this Liniment exactly: It is a bottle of plain olive oil and calcium (olo-calcaire)! Yup, thats it! It smells like olive oil (go figure) but thanks to calcium (I think) its creamier. -

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