Gilbert Oil-Limestone Liniment 480ml



  • Yet another French Pharmacie wonder product!
  • Linement Oleo Calcaire (I guess this translates to oil and calcium ointment) consists of only two ingredients: olive oil and calcium.
  • The most common use for it is cleaning babies bottoms with it
  • Lots of people over here use it at home instead of wipes so much cheaper and better for the baby and the environment a no brainer! And there is more: its also good to wash dry skin or skin prone to ecxma, massage, use instead of wipes. It cleans fantastically well and leaves a film of oil to stop irritations. on sunburns and minor burns and also as a make-up remover.
  • It must be the most multi-functional product in the world!

wonder product from France, use to clean babys bottom, relieve ezcema, dry skin, rash, or sunburns.

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