Hair Force and Volume 80 Caps



  • 100% natural ingredients it strengthens the hair and gives it tone and volume
  • For hair that is thin, falls out, breakage, dull and without body
  • hair strength & volume growth and refreshing your hair volume, an ideal dietary supplement to promote hair regrowth and give brightness and density.
  • Contains Tricophase (a combination of marine gelatin and cystine), and unique natural complex
  • Proven results in 10 days

Purpose: power & volume hair, your hair will be stronger and thicker. hair strength & volume promotes better circulation to the scalp to act on hair loss. It contains all the essential nutrients to hair beauty, vitamin B, iron, zinc and arginine, with visible results from the first month. Formula: Ingredients: gelatin hydrolyzate, minerals phosphate di-and tri-calcium - iron gluconate - zinc gluconate, L-cystine, anti-caking agents: cellulose microcrystalline - magnesium stearate, L- arginine , ginseng (root powder), DL- methionine, Watercress (leaf powder), vitamins: B8 (biotin) - B5 (pantothenic acid) - B6 (pyridoxyne HCl), pumpkin seed oil microencapsulated soybeans. Dyes iron oxide - quinoline yellow - indigo. Composition / 4 tablets: Tricophase 2800 mg Marine gelatin hydrolyzate 2000 mg 800 mg L-Cystine Pumpkin seed oil microencapsulated 30 mg 25 mg soy Vitamin B8 150 ?g * Vitamin B5 6 mg * Iron 14 mg * Methionine 50 mg Cresson 50 mg Arginine 200 mg Zinc 15 mg * Vitamin B6 2 mg * Ginseng 100 mg * 100% of the Recommended Daily

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