Lamazuna Lingettes Organic Reusable 20 Makeup Remover Wipes



  • Lamazuna wipes:
  • - are to be used with water only
  • - can be reused more than 300 times
  • - are machine washable 300 times
  • - are ideal for sensitive skins

Lamazuna eco-friendly makeup remover wipes remove makeup with water only! Take a wipe, wet it under the tap, wipe your face delicately and your makeup is removed! Makeup sticks to the wipe's ultra-absorbent material, therefore you don't need a cleansing lotion. These wipes are therefore ideal for difficult skins, which will be freed from makeup removing products. Machine washable 40 to 90, they can be reused more than 300 times! A real ecological revolution for makeup removal, as you can read in many articles on blogs this year!

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