Le Papier d'Armenie - Set of 3 Booklets



  • Natural air freshener
  • Sustainable
  • Vanilla scent
  • Made in France
  • Clean and Fresh

The Papier d'Armenie is one of France best kept secrets. Since its introduction in 1885 (to promote the sanitizing properties of benzoin resin), the Papier d'Armenie has been gaining in popularity as a natural air freshener. While a strip of Papier d'Armenie burns slowly, it produces a delicate scent that not only neutralizes unpleasant smells (cooking, tobacco, pets and bathrooms) but also refreshes the room. The ritual of burning a strip becomes comforting and soothing as each strip reveals a fresh vanilla scent. Each booklet contains 36 strips. Please read and follow the instructions provided in each booklet. For more information visit papierdarmenie .fr

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