Meridol Meridol Mouthwash 400Ml



  • Meridol Mouthwash 400ml

The dental bacterial plate is the principal cause of the diseases of the gum. If it is not eliminated effectively, it can cause an ignition of the gums (redness, swelling and bleedings).Thanks to the properties of its two active agents, this bath of mouth acts directly in:- helping to reduce the dental plaque,- limiting its reformation.But it acts also indirectly in:- contributing to reduce the gingival ignition,- supporting the reduction in the bleedings.Moreover, the two fluorides of Mridol reinforce enamel of the teandh.This bath of mouth is recommended for daily hygiene of the adults and, because of its particular properties, with the dental carriers of apparatuses, partial prostheses and in the event of oral hygiene made difficult.Solution without alcohol, lends to employment.

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