Mystim Barry Bite Bi-Polar Clamps



Mystim e-stim nipple clamps Barry Bite. These bi-polar electro conductive body
clamps create a tingly, lustful pleasure at nipples, lips and various other
body regions. Thanks to the fact that every clamp is bi-polar always only the
tissue in between of the two halves of the clamp is being stimulated. This
means that you can stimulate both nipples at the same time, without any danger
of leading electricity through the heart. Thanks to the small screw you can
decide if you want our Barry to live up to his name and bite you, or if you
prefer him to gently nibble on you instead. Moreover the gold contacts of
Barry Bite enable an especially intense and continuous stimulation. Cables are
not included. Requires 2 mm plug (female). 24 months warranty. Please note you
will require an e-stim device like the Tension Lover, or the Mystim Pure Vibes
to activate the poles.

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