Oenobiol Aquadrainant Plus New Formula 45 Caplets 28 grams



  • Refines the legs and makes them shapely again.
  • Reveals tapered legs, and refines the silhouette

A sedentary way of life and an unbalanced diet lead to the retention of water in the legs which can thus become thick and lose their shape. To fight efficiently against an excess of water, Oenobiol Laboratory has specifically selected Aquadrainol: an active grape extract with anti-water properties. Indications : excess water. À Properties : Refines, lightens and gives shape back to the legs. Oenobiol Aquadraining has a proven effectiveness and has been subjected to clinical trials. As from the 2nd month of the course of treatment, excess water is reduced by 46%, and there is a significant improvement in the comfort of the legs. À Recommended use : 2 sugar-coated tablets per day, for 2 months. To be renewed. SIZE: 60 caps

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