Oenobiol Regard Eye Contour (30 tablets)



  • Acts on puffiness and dark circles

À Indications : dark circles, puffiness.Works from within for rested and radiant eyes. À Exclusive formula of bilberry and grape-seed extracts. À Properties : bilberry and grape-seed extracts have been chosen for their activating properties of NO. NO, a molecule naturally synthesized in our body, stimulates the circulation and the oxygenation of the tissues. The bioactive elements of Oenobiol Eye Contour, by stimulating the synthesis of NO, increase the microcirculation and oxygenation around the eye. Clinically-tested under dermatological control, Oenobiol Eye Contour drains and detoxifies the contour of the eyes. As from the 15th day, the size of the bags visibly diminishes, producing a rested and radiant eyes. À Recommended use : 2 sugar-coated tablets per day, for a 30-day cure, to be repeated as required. Box of 30 sugar-coated tablets.

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