Oenobiol Solaire Anti-Age 30 Capsules



  • Patented formula combining lycopene, lutein and carotenoids filters
  • Allows a quick tanning and improves the tolerance of the skin to sunlight exposure
  • Protects your skin from sunburn and sunspots

Oenobiol prioritizes the addition of vegetal carotenoids, physiologically present in the skin. The filtering elements of lycopene, lutein and carotenoids protect the skin and stimulate the synthesis of melanin, the pigment responsible for natural tanning. Rapidly activates tanning and improves tolerance to the sun. Guarantees a warm tan, deep and long lasting, while preserving the youthful capital of the skin. The lutein, carotenoids, naturally present in the retina and the chrystallin, filter the blue light, which is harmful to the eyes. Adults, 2 capsules per day during a meal: 1 month before the sun to prepare the skin, during the period to activate the solar tanning after the solar period to prolong your tan. For children from 8 years and older, 1 tablet or capsule per day.

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