Oenobiol Solaire Intensive Sun Normal Skin Preparer 30 Capsules



  • This food supplement contains:
  • Lycopene: pigment giving their bright colors to the fruit, this carotenoid is highly concentrated in the pulp of exceptional tomatoes, specially selected and grown in the sun. The extraction of Lycopene is innovative and patented.
  • Lutein: natural pigment also found in green vegetables, Lutein is also found in the petals of Rose of India (Taget). This carotenoid is extracted from these flowers grown in southern India.
  • Vitamin E: vegetable origin, it contributes to protect the cells from oxidative stress.

Oenobiol Solaire Intensive Sun Normal Skin Preparer 2 x 30 Capsules is a food supplement in form of capsule based of plants, vitamins and minerals.

It is specially formulated for the person who want to prepare their skin and sublime their tanning (for normal skins).

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