Orthopedic Gel Arch Support Insoles -Flat Feet Support Gel Pads Silicone Shoe Inserts



  • Provides comfortable arch support and lifting for both high arch and flat footed feet
  • Adds extra softness and comfort to your shoe lining massaging your arch with medical grade silicone with every step
  • Reduces pressure and helps to stabilize the arch
  • Great for runners, people with blisters, diabetes, bunions, inflammation, foot injury, or just girls that need an extra cushion when walking in heels

Comes with a right and a left sided gel pad. 100% medical grade silicone. Just attach the adhesive part to the inside of our shoe, where the arch would normally sit. Be careful to remember to put the right insert in the right shoe and the left insert into the left shoe. 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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