Pranarm Science Olocaps 1 Nose & Throat 30 Capsules



  • PranarÃm Science Oléocaps 1 Nose - Throat 30 Capsules 100% pure essential and natural oils has been specially created to ensure the maintenance of good health and protect you during more difficult periods (winter, seasonal changes, passages from hot to cold climate).
  • To respond quickly to the throat or other parts of the respiratory tracts, it is possible to take up to 8 capsules per day to ensure optimum performance of the product.
  • Capsules with compact oregano essential oil.

In autumn and spring, temperatures drop, it becomes cold and wind and rain become our daily bread. To avoid getting caught with low defences, you can supplement your diet with these natural capsules to enhance the wellbeing of your body.

PranarÃm Oleocaps 1 nose and throat oregano capsules are the best companion for those periods of transition, such as autumn and spring, in which due to changes in temperature and environment our body cools more easily.

To protect your nose and throat and relieve the discomfort of a cold, use the natural properties of oregano contained in these capsules.

Keep the cold at bay thanks to PranarÃm Oléocaps!

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