RoC Keops Stick Deodorant 40ml



  • The regulating credits of Keops Deodorant Stick of the RoC laboratories reduce excessive perspiration while letting your skin breathe naturally, and from the sensors of odours the odours related to perspiration eliminate.Without perfume, without alcohol, this deodorant does not irritate the skin. Expenses with the application, it can be used even after depilation.Result: it leaves your fresh skin during 24 hours.

Roc Keops Deodorant Stick INNOVATION: RoC KEOPS DEO - Deodorant Stick fragrance-free and alcohol-free, it is effective for 24 hours. Indicated for moderate breathability, it contains the complex "Capture Odori" which helps to neutralize odors related to traspirazione.Formulato to minimize the risk of allergy. RESULTS: The skin remains fresh and without unpleasant odors for 24 hours. The deodorant stick does not stick, it is gentle and does not irritate the skin. It gives a sense of freshness and softness and is convenient to use. USE: Apply to clean, dry skin. This deodorant for underarms can be used at any time of the day, even after hair removal. SKIN TYPE: This product is also suitable for the most sensitive skin. ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS: Citronellile Methyl crotonate (derived from Citronella), the development "Capture Odori" which helps to prevent the formation and intensity of the odor. Thanks to a physico-chemical phenomenon of absorption, the Complex "Capture Odors" neutralizes the bad smell caused by enzymatic degradation. DIMENSIONS: 40ml

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