Roge Cavailles Somatoline Man Belly And Abdominal Intensive Night Eco Format 300Ml



  • Somatoline Man Treatment Belly and Abdominal Intensive Night 10 300ml

Somatoline Man Belly and Abdominal Intensive Night is an innovative cosmandic care, specifically formulated to combat localized fat (belly and love handles), with only one application each night. It takes advantage of the night time, when skin is more receptive to an intensive and rapid reduction centimander.It contains an exclusive active complex cosmandic, the MenRedux-complex, enriched with green coffee extract, caobromine of cosmandic ingredients and cryo-thermal, with the application through massage, can reduce localized fat deposits.Results: Instrumental Clinical tests on 36 men with localized fat in the abdominal zone, shows that after application by massage, Somatoline Man Belly and Abdominal Intensive Night:- Reduces the circumference of the abdominal area of 2 cm (average value) in four weeks thanks to an application each night.

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