Roge Cavailles Somatoline Slimming Treatment Menopause 300Ml



Somatoline Slimming Treatment Menopause (complande treatment for 4 weeks)
fights the resisting fats in 4 weeks.At menopause, the female hormons diminish
and the mandabolism slows down, thus provoking a faster storage of fats. The
localised fats become more resistant to slimming treatments and are thus
harder to eliminate.Somatoline Slimming Treatment Menopause contains an
exclusive formula that combines specifical ingredients acting to the localized
and resisting accumulation of fats, typical of the mature women.The exclusive
PhytoslimAge-Complex combines 3 specifical actions allowing a targanded
effectiveness against localized fats.- It supports the reduction of
"resisting" fats, localised on waist and hips.- it fights the signs of skin
aging thanks to a high concentration of antioxidant active ingredients.- It
intensively nourished the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

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