Saugella Feminine Wash 8.45 Fl. Oz. (2-pack)



  • Saugella is a cleansing wash for daily intimate hygiene.
  • It assures protection and prevention of minor infections, recommended for women in fertile age.
  • PH 3.5 acidifying for adults, intimate hygiene.
  • Product of Italy

The name Saugella comes from the French word Sauge(English Sage). For the past 30 years, Saugella Research Laboratories have been studying plant extracts, applying their specific properties to improve women's wellbeing. Each plant extract, contained in Saugella, has a specific action in reducing unpleasant symptoms, respecting skin and mucosa balance. Saugella products are manufactured following a pharmaceutical standard with strict quality controls. Many clinical studies have been performed on Saugella, proving its efficacy and safety. Cleansing wash for bath & shower. PH 3.5 acidifying for adults, intimate hygiene.

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