Somatoline Night Intensive Slimming Treatment 400ml



  • This is a cosmetic cream based on an ultra concentrated marine salts and clay

This is a cosmetic cream based on an ultra concentrated marine salts and clay, which exploits the skin's high receptiveness during the night. While you sleep, the blood flow increases causing the body temperature to rise. As a consequence, the metabolic reactions accelerate. This mechanism intensifies the efficacy of the ingredients. Thanks to the massage, the Intensive Night Slimming Treatment helps fighting localized fat deposits, and fosters the elimination of excess liquids. Recommended for - Women with localized fat in the hips and thighs area, who are looking for a shock treatment that gives results in just 2 weeks. - Women looking for a professional-type treatment, which can be used comfortably at home. Action - It has an effective slimming action, thanks to the high concentration of active ingredients; - It fosters the elimination of excess liquids; - It smooths and moisturizes the skin. Instructions for use Every evening, for at least 2 weeks, apply an appropriate amount of the product to the areas being treated, massaging with circular movements until fully absorbed. After a few minutes' massage, a sensation of warmth may be felt, possibly accompanied by a slight itch and the appearance of temporary redness. The appearance and the intensity of these possible phenomena, which disappear generally after about 30 minutes, are signs of the innovative cosmetic action and depend on individual sensitivity. These phenomena are temporary and must not be confused with a product intolerance reaction. In the event of excessive redness, rinse with plenty of water. Wash hands accurately after use. Size 400 Ml

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