Topicrem Lips SOS



  • Asset of seduction, the lips are a valuable asset. Fragile, they are covered d '? Very thin at all costs to preserve protective film. Continuously exposed, they need to be well protected, relieved and repaired.
  • Repairs, nourishes and protects, great for damaged and cracked lips
  • Topicrem SOS Lips is a refreshing and moisturizing saving the delicious taste of vanilla care. Formulated without paraben and allergen, it combines the benefits of shea butter, which nourishes, repairs and protects lips.

Unpublished and economic generous size 5g lasts longer than traditional sticks. results: Soft and smooth lips found comfort and beauty! Directions for use: Apply Topicrem SOS directly on the lips and reapply throughout the day as often as needed.

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