Uriage Cicactive Hydrocolloid Gel 30ml Great Skin Fast Shipping



  • URIAGE CICACTIVE HYDROCOLLOID GEL 30ml Great skin Fast Shipping

URIAGE CICACTIVE HYDROCOLLOID GEL 30ml Indication Superficial wounds: - Domestic incidents: minor wounds, cuts, grazes, superficial burns etc. Minor skin surgery: laser, dermabrasion, electrocoagulation, radiotherapy - Face and/or body. - Children, Adults. Ingredients Composition: Uriage Thermal Water - Sodium alginate - D-Panthenol - Comfrey Extract. Fragrance-free - Propylene Glycol-free. High Tolerance: Hypoallergenic. Action Cicactive, the first non-greasy, hydrocollod active ingredient, helps to repair damaged skin and has an instant soothing effect. How to use Apply into clean skin twice a day until the skin surface is completely healed

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