Uriage Nourishing and Cleansing Cream 500ml



  • Soap-free cleanser
  • Sensitive and fragile skin.
  • Adults, children, babies.
  • Face, body and hair for all the family.

Properties: A liquid cleanser containing 1/3 nourishing milk, Crme Lavante is a 2-in-1 skincare product: cleanses and nourishes all at once. It preserves the hydrolipidic film, perfectly respects cutaneous balance and compensates for the drying-out effects of hard water. With a pleasant fragrance and a fine, creamy, easy-to-rinse foam, Crme Lavante leaves skin perfectly clean, soft and moisturised. Assets: 2-in-1 skincare: cleansing and nourishing. 1/3 nourishing milk. Soap-free cleansing base. Fresh and light fragrance. Ideal for all the family. Opthalmologically tested. Instructions for use: Moisten the skin, lather up and rinse. Use daily

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