URIAGE Xemose Gentle Cleansing Syndet 6.8 oz

$15.99 $16


  • This half-cream, half-gel product mattifies, moisturizes, and tightens the skin. Its formula is triple mattyfing and filled with astringents, leaving the skin's texture tighter and more refined.

Read more Uriage Thermal Water Benefits A Protective Water

Thermal water is naturally rich with soothing and invigorating minerals that

reinforce the skin's barrier. They reduce virulence and adherence of microbes,

restore the skin's physical barrier, and help modulate the skin's immune

barrier. Mineral Composition of 11g/L For over 2,000 years, Uriage Thermal

Water has travelled through the heart of the French Alps, taking 75 years to

pass through the rocks. As the seasons change, it becomes enriched with

minerals and trace elements. Dermatological Expertise This high-tech skincare

is designed to preserve skin’s health. It benefits from the properties of

Uriage Thermal Water, which is combined with active ingredients renowned for

their effectiveness and tolerance. A Healing Water For almost 200 years, the

Uriage Thermal Centre has used the extraordinary benefits of its water for

dermatological, ENT, rheumatological and post-cancer rehabilitation

treatments. Every year, over 4,500 clients come to Uriage-les-Bains for its

unique treatments.

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