Vichy Mens Deodorant Anti Perspirant 72hr protection



  • Ingredients: †Aluminium Salts – prevent sweating †Vichy Thermal Spa Water – contains 17 minerals and 13 trace elements, has soothing and strengthening properties, significantly reduces the symptoms of irritated skin, protects it from free radicals and stimulates the skin's defence mechanisms
  • How to use: Apply the deodorant to the underarms.

Vichy Homme Deodorant Roll-on soothes sensitive skin in the underarms and brings an instant and long-lasting feeling of freshness. Vichy Deodorant protects from sweat and odours for up to 48 hours without blocking the natural physical processes and reduces hypersensitivity of the skin. Paraben-free and fragrance-free. Suitable for everyday use. Prevent unwanted sweating for up to 48 hours! Use the unique Vichy Homme Déodorant Roll-on!

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